Are You Aware of These Basic Facts About Acne? You Should Be!

In this article, we’re going to discuss all the basic but crucial facts about acne that you must have in your mind if you’re suffering from it, and are desperate to treat it. The analysis on this particular skin disorder can literally fill dozens of articles like this, but I’ll try to keep it as precise as I can.

What You Will Learn:

  1. A very brief overview of acne.
  2. The main causes behind acne that you should be careful of.
  3. The different stages of acne, according to its severity.
  4. The impact of acne on its sufferers and how to control that for your good.

Known what you have to learn today? Now let’s get started.

1. What Is Acne?

Acne is one of the most prevalent skin diseases that victimizes about 80-85% of the teens around the globe. It is mostly found to be diminished in the twenties, however, this isn’t a concrete idea.

In fact, it may persist after the twenties ‘till the thirties, forties, or so forth. In adulthood, females are more affected by it than males as a result of some considerable hormonal activities in their body.

2. Main Causes Behind Acne:

There aren’t any clear indications provided by the experts about the actual causes behind the occurrence of acne. They claim that there is a combination of different factors that incorporate to develop this disease in an individual.

Following are the causes of acne, acquired from the several research studies conducted by different medical experts and research organizations.

1. Hormonal Imbalance:

Hormonal Imbalance is referred as the first cause behind acne formation. According to experts, the overproduction of androgenic hormones in the body becomes the initial trigger for acne.

2. Excess Sebum Production:

Excess sebum production is probably the most discussed factor when studying the culprits behind acne formation. Hormones like androgens and mediators play an important role in the excretion and the production of sebum. This excess oil clogs the pores of your skin, which eventually aggravates acne.

3. Genetic Predisposition:

Genetic predisposition is also considered to be the main underlying cause behind acne. This means if your parents or grandparents have a history of acne, then you’re likely to inherit this disease from them.

Other Causes:

These were the three main causes behind the development of acne. However, there are some other causes as well, explored by the experts, that have some kind of link to acne, such as your diet and stress.

By saying “diet”, I don’t mean chocolates or French fries, but there are other factors within your diet that are found to have a link to acne, either to prevent it or to aggravate it. Discussing it in detail is beyond the scope of this article, but you can check out this article for a more in-depth look at these factors.

3. The Stages Of Acne:

Acne can be divided into three major stages, according to its severity:

1. Light or Mild Stage:

This stage of acne is characterized by the appearance of small bumps on your skin, namely, whiteheads and blackheads. You might not become self-conscious of your skin at this stage, but you might consider treating it if it bothers you.

2. Medium or Moderate Stage:

In this stage, there is an addition of papules (small reddened areas that elevate above your skin) and pustules (pus filled small bumps or pimples), to whiteheads and blackheads on your skin. At this stage, you’re likely to become self-conscious about your skin, and you can possibly start trying different types of treatments and medications to treat acne.

3. Severe Stage of Acne:

The severe stage of acne is characterized by the outbreak of several cysts or nodules, one of them or both at the same time on your skin. Cysts are lesions that are deeply embedded in your skin and can be as large as 5mm. They are solid and often painful. Nodules on the other hand, are just the smaller sized cysts.

Furthermore, Conglobate lesions are some other offenders that prevail within this stage of acne. These lesions are resistant in nature and often leave deep acne scars behind after being alleviated.

4. The Impact Of Acne On Life

The facts about acne doesn’t stop here. The more to be added about it is that when it reaches its severity, it develops into a self-esteem assassin. In very severe cases, because of the heavy damage it does to the skin, the sufferer finds himself isolated, socially abased, and depressed, which even encourages him to think of suicide attempts or self-abuse.

How to Avoid Being Assassinated From Acne

If you’re suffering from this kind of situation, you must keep in mind that doing the stuff I outlined above will not get you out of this trouble.

Be assured that you’re not alone. There are thousands of others who’re suffering some the same or even worse acne conditions. But the only way to defeat it, and get your self-esteem back right where it was, is to stop hiding from the danger and fight back against it.

Arm yourself with confidence that no disease is beyond cure today, and if millions of people have defeated their stubborn acne, so why can’t you?

Making a mindset, that you can defeat it anyhow, is crucial. It will help you a lot in being persistent in your long and exhausting journey to get rid of your stubborn acne.

Ask a reputable Derm, no matter how many of them you tried and had no results, but don’t just stop your hunt for finding the best Derm who can get yourself out of this situation. Consider making use of some tried and tested ways of treating mild, moderate, or severe acne.

Wrapping it up:

Indeed, acne is a skin disease that has the capacity of affecting your overall personality and behavior. No matter at which stage it may be, it can be a definite source of discomfort and annoyance to you.

There are different causes indicated by the researchers and experts through their several research study, including hormonal imbalance, sebum production, genetic factors, as well as the diet and stress. Try to control as much of them as you can. Amongst all these causes, genetic predisposition is a factor that you can do nothing with. However, each of the other factors has the possibility to be effectively taken care of.

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