Nodular Acne Treatment And Causes

nodular acne treatment.What is Nodular Acne?

Before moving towards exploring some of the best nodular acne treatment let’s take a look . Nodular acne is another severe form of acne, somewhat like cystic acne due to its severity. It is characterized by some typical large pimples known as nodules that can affect deep layers of your skin and are often really painful. But in fact, nodules in nodular acne are less inflamed lesions that are solid and usually smaller than cysts in the cystic acne, but their nature of resistance can be said as similar to each other as both of these conditions commonly require intense and devoted treatments to get alleviated.

Just like the cystic acne, nodular acne is not at all “restricted” to only occur on selected body parts. It can appear on your face, back, shoulder, chest or any other body part and can spread to other parts if not treated immediately. And even if someone wins to defeat it somehow it leaves weird looking acne scars behind it which also require some treatment to get rid of. Therefore, nodular acne requires a solid strategy with proper medication, skin hydration, and a cleansing plan for healing.

Nodular Acne Treatment

For the treatment of nodular acne, Isotretinoin and other high intensity medications are prescribed commonly which are obviously effective but at the same time there is a great danger of side effects when going through these medications if not perfectly monitored by an expert. However, it’s always good to try less intense or mild treatments and medications at first and then move on if they don’t come up to your expectations. If you’re suffering from nodular acne it is highly recommended to you that go to a dermatologist as soon as you possibly can.

Let’s discuss what type of medications dermatologists usually prescribe for nodular acne.

  • 1. Mild Treatments

As a mild treatment at first, your dermatologist may suggest you to use benzoyl peroxide combining with Retin-A which is a synthetic form of Vitamin-A. This retinoid can be effective for nodular acne because it gently peels your skin to unclog the trapped contents of nodules. But you shouldn’t ignore that intense peeling with your skin can also aggravate nodules, so you can use an oil free moisturizing lotion after applying these medications to not let your skin be over dried or irritated. On the other hand benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria which clog the skin pores. So a combination of benzoyl peroxide and Retin -A medications with a topping of an oil free moisturizing lotion can be effective and yet a less intense treatment.

  • 2. Over-The-Counter Treatments

Some over the counter (OTC) acne treatments also come into consideration of dermatologists for the treatment of nodular acne. These OTCs include Murad, Proactiv, and Exposed Skin Care. Amongst these treatments, exposed is has been found very effective over the time, and it has developed a highly positive reputation among acne sufferers because of its effectiveness and a 1 year money back guarantee. A more in-depth look at this treatment can be found in this article

  • 3. Contraceptive Pills

The other options for the dermatologists are Accutane (Isotretinoin) or oral contraceptives. You might be already aware of the dark part of the Accutane and birth control pills. Accutane though is very effective and commonly recommended by dermatologists for healing acne of severe condition but proper monitoring of these doses is essential for the less exposure towards its hazards. On the other hand, contraceptive pills are really hazardous for women who are pregnant; they must NOT take these medications unless they have consulted with a specialist.

So that was a straight forward discussion about nodular acne. We discussed what it is, where it can appear, and the most common and effective treatments that your dermatologist may prescribe as well as how these treatments can be dangerous and how you should let these treatments be monitored by an expert for allowing fewer side effects to occur. Never lose your hopes on fighting against acne, always be motivated on defeating it and never let it decrease your self-esteem or overall confidence. But remember you can only do this when you make a decision of treating it effectively and devotedly.

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