Acne Conglobata Treatment And Causes

acne conglobata treatment and causes.What is Acne Conglobata?

Let’s try to become familiar with this disease first, and then we’ll move forward for acne conglobata treatment. The term Acne Conglobata describes a severe form of acne that is rarely found to victimize people, and to whom it victimizes are mostly males. The reason why it mostly targets men is testosterone or anabolic-androgenic steroids and some other causes (which we’ll discuss in a moment). The signs of acne conglobata are found to appear between the ages of 18-30 and it may even prevail till the ages of 40s or 50s because of its high resisting nature. However, this particular condition of acne is not age restricted, it can also occur in teenage or in infants as well but it’s not that much common among them. And that’s what makes it one of the most annoying skin disorders.

The Appearance of Acne Conglobata:

People suffering from this condition are well aware of its horrible impact on their self-esteem and overall personality, and the damage it does to their skin. It consists of nodules, cysts, blackheads and pimples almost in every part of the body including the face, back, neck, chest, shoulders and even buttocks and prevail on the skin for a long time. Furthermore, if they’re healed somehow they often leave weird scars behind them which are also very hard to get rid of.

The Major Causes Of Acne Conglobata:

The root causes behind this severe condition of acne are officially unknown. However, dermatologists do blame the following factors.

1. P. acnes:

The rapid growth of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) can play a major role in aggravating acne conglobata. P. acnes bacteria exist deep inside the hair follicle which often damages the cells that form the walls of the follicles. And the combination of cellular damage it does, with the metabolic byproducts and bacterial debris production from it, P. acnes can potentially aggravate inflammation, and eventually trigger acne conglobata.

2. Anabolic Steroids:

As said in the beginning, anabolic steroids or (AAS) are another frequently “blamed” cause of acne conglobata by the medical authorities. In general, anabolic steroids are drugs which have a similar effect as testosterone in the body. They’re found to provoke conglobata, that’s why they should only be used in a certain need along with necessary guidelines from the doctor or the dermatologist.

3. Dioxins or Halogens:

Other factors may include the disclosure towards halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons like dioxins as well as thyroid medication or hypnotic agents (a kind of halogen ingestion). These factors can also trigger acne conglobata among individuals.

Acne Conglobata Treatment:

The treatments that are prescribed for acne conglobata are of high intensity because of the high resisting nature of the disease. Along with necessary medications, it is crucial to provide emotional support to the sufferer. And proper monitoring of these treatments from experts is highly recommended for the least exposure towards the severe side effects.

  • 1. One of the most successful treatment experts have found for acne conglobata is COlaser, making a combination with topical tretinoin therapy (usually done in spas).
  • 2. Isotretinoin can be taken daily for four to six months to alleviate the disease, the amount of the daily dose must be determined by an expert.
  • 3. A combined dose of Isotretinoin with Dapsone is another effective choice for the treatment of acne conglobata.
  • 4. External beam radiation is another option if the disease does not respond positively to the above discussed treatments.
  • 5. Exposed skin care has been really effective for the people having severe acne like conglobata. There is a bulk of positive reviews on the site by the people who have successfully managed to defeat their severe acne.

Get rid of acne conglobata in 30 days.Concluding Remarks:

Acne conglobata is indeed a severe and highly resistant form of acne. However, it is not at all beyond cure. Consulting with an experienced dermatologist is essential in this condition. You should never lose hope in terms of fighting against it and should always be devoted to get your skin condition back to normal as it was. Make use of the information you gained from this article, ask your dermatologist about the treatments we discussed. Consider giving a try to exposed skin care, which I mentioned above to treat acne conglobata, because its popularity and effectiveness makes me emphasize it that much.

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