Acne Around Mouth – What it Tells & How to Fade it Fast

Being an acne sufferer, you know how irritating it gets if you suffer from pimples near your mouth.

You have trouble eating and drinking and even speaking. Moreover, what if you have a presentation due? Although, you might not show but you definitely feel not that presentable for the presentation.

But don’t worry. Acne around mouth is preventable. This is because if we sideline the hormonal issues, mouth acne is usually caused by the use of wrong products that involve sulfate rich toothpastes, lip balms and cosmetic products.

So, if you are conscious about the products you use you are very unlikely to be the victim of acne near mouth.

However, acne that prevails due to hormonal issues is generally harder to treat. It covers your mouth, chin and jawline.

In this article our approach is to outline the underlying causes of mouth acne and provide you treatment solutions so you can finally bid your mouth pimples good-bye.

What Causes Acne Around Mouth?

The reasons why you get pimples around mouth depend on a number of different factors. But on a very brief note, there are always two main reasons: Bacteria colonization or hormonal imbalance.

Let’s dive in to the causes of pimples around mouth & what researchers say.

Unhygienic Lifestyle

Maintaining a hygienic environment is important for your skin health. You must keep your sheets clean and change them on a weekly or biweekly basis. When you sleep on sheets and pillowcases that have dirt and grime accumulated in them, you actually call for acne triggered by bacteria.

Dr. Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic & clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, says, “Not washing your sheets mean that dirt and microorganisms will be in contact with your skin as you sleep, contaminating your skin, even if you have washed your face before bed.”

The same goes for your cell phones. According to different studies, cell phones may be contaminated with more microorganisms than a public toilet. “Your cell phone accumulates dirt & oil from your skin- and bacteria from the environment -as you put your phone down on a table or chair.”

Therefore, it’s recommended to invest in some disinfectant wipes for your mobile phones.

Hormone Fluctuations

As described by face mapping experts, acne around chin, mouth and jawline is often caused by imbalance of hormones. The excess androgen hormones overstimulate the sebaceous glands resulting in an overproduction of sebum. This clogs pores that lead to pimples and blemishes.

A research published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology lists the internal factors that cause hormonal fluctuations. These include prepuberty, stress, premenstrual onset, hyperandrogenism and PCOS.

Poor Gut Health

Poor gut health can affect jawline acne,Diet significantly affect your hormone levels. If you consume high-carb and dairy products you are more prone to acne as your digestive system needs rest. If you cut down on sugars, processed foods and white bread, you will notice change.

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical & Aesthetic Dermatology, gut health affects acne.Besides, there are foods that have added hormones such as milk and chicken. Therefore, it is better if you rely on organic foods.

Candida Albicans

Mouth acne can be the result of Candida Albicans. It is a yeast fungus that occurs naturally in the mucus membranes of mouth and vagina. If this fungus multiplies indiscriminately within the body, you might get mouth acne flareups and blackheads.

Research determines that the long-term use of birth control pills by women in the ages of 35-50 causes higher chances of candida overgrowth. This shows that hormonal fluctuations also lead to fungus replication.

Use of Wrong Products

Though it sounds weird but an everyday hygiene or cosmetic product can be the culprit behind your mouth blemishes. According to Dr. Craig Armstrong, overuse of lip balm, especially the scented and flavored ones are a key contributor in mouth acne.

Besides, your toothpaste can also lead to breakouts near mouth. Facing Acne explains that toothpaste that contain Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) force tiny cracks in the skin making it vulnerable. SLS is basically a sudsing agent that gives the product a foaming action.

There is one more ingredient called propylene glycol that might cause you allergic reaction. Hence, you should be careful about the ingredients while buying a toothpaste.

Lip Balms: A Brief Overview

Lip balms ca aggravate acne around mouthLip balms are an everyday need for dry chapped lips. But have you ever given a thought to what benefits and disadvantages it brings along? We bet you haven’t. Let’s check out!

Merits & Demerits of Lip Balms

Lip balms play role as amazing sunscreens. They act as a barrier and protect your lips from the hazardous rays of the sun. Such lip balms contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to prevent ultra violet rays. The biggest benefit is that they moisturize your lips and counteract dryness.

A good quality lip product always contains Petroleum Jelly. Petroleum moisturizes and possesses healing qualities that are vital for cracked lips.

Apart from this, using balms that contain phenol, menthol or salicylic acid help when you need to get the dry layers of your lip skin to be peeled off so that new layer of skin supersedes. On the contrary, they might cause you a tingling feeling which is due to the protective layers of the skin being peeled off. So, it’s not good for use in the long run.

Coconut oil is the most comedogenic oils present. Hence, you might catch up lip acne if you’re using a lip product that contains coconut oil.

Craig Austin,MD, the founder of Acne+Austin says, “Coconut is one of the thicker oils, & the thicker the oil, the harder it is to get adequately absorbed by your skin, so it essentially sits at the top of dermis & forms a film over pore. Bacteria & dead cells will then fester under skin causing acne.”

What Should You Do?

  • Use only hypoallergenic lip moisturizers such as shea butter or Vaseline.
  • Avoid products with lip allergens such as citrus, mint, tea tree, eucalyptus, camphor, lanolin & fragrances.
  • If you have extremely sensitive skin avoid lip balms with sunscreen ingredients and vitamin E.
  • Cut down on lip products with coconut oil.

How to Get Rid of Acne Around Mouth?

You can fade away your mouth blemishes by a variety of ways that range from home remedies to topical products. Below is a complete guide.

Benzoyl Peroxide for Lip Pimples

You need to wash the acne-affected area with a gentle soap and pat dry. Take a small amount of benzoyl peroxide gel and apply it on the pimple. Use it once or twice a day after consulting with your dermatologist.

Initially, one application a day is enough. You need to observe if any skin irritation occurs otherwise, you can gradually increase the application to twice a day.

Lemon Juice for Mouth Acne

lemon juice for mouth acne


Since lemon holds astringent qualities, it eliminates bacteria and removes excess oil. Just dip a cotton swab into lemon juice and apply it on the blemish area. Let it dry and although it’s not necessary to wash off you can rinse afterwards.

If you have sensitive skin, you can dilute lemon juice with water. Apply 2-3 times a day.

Topical Retinol

Retinol is a Vitamin A derivative that triggers the cell turnover process and helps you in shedding dead skin cells. Consult a doctor for a retinol prescription as it is available in different intensities. Apply a thin layer each night to get rid of all the blemishes.

Provamed Rapid Clear Acne Retinol- A Gel specifically covers the U-Zone of the face that includes cheeks, jawline and chin area. This topical gel is for combination to oily skin and reduces acne by fighting bacteria and controlling oil production.

Tomato Paste

Tomato holds great anti-microbial properties and helps in rebuilding the skin. Take small amount of mashed tomato. Apply it on the pimples and let it dry. Rinse it off after 10 minutes. Apply the pulp 2-3 times a day for effectiveness.

Baking Soda Remedy

Baking soda has great tendency to soften skin and minimize pimples. You can make baking soda paste by mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with two cups of warm water. Apply it onto skin for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly with tap water. This is not suitable for extremely sensitive skin.

PRIIA Acne Safe Lip Treatment Balm

This lip balm is specifically designed for acne prone skin. Since it is non-comedogenic it does not clog pores around the mouth and is ideal for those who are undergoing acne treatments. It contains organic ingredients and is free from coconut oil.

This balm has a shelf life of 12 months from manufacturing so you must check for its expiry before purchasing it.

Additional Tips:

  • Cleanse and exfoliate your skin daily.
  • Avoid heavy makeup and use non-comedogenic cosmetic products.
  • Opt for hypoallergenic toothpastes and lip balms.
  • Always wash your mouth and chin area after eating and drinking beverages.
  • Do not shave if you have cystic acne near the chin or jawline area.
  • If you have extreme acne near mouth, consult a dermatologist for topical treatment prescriptions.

As we mentioned earlier, acne around mouth is preventable. All you need to ensure is a good hygiene and use of right products. If that is not the trigger in your case, you should seek medical advice.

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