Forehead Acne – 13 Ways to Get Rid of it Today + 10 Tips to Prevent it For Good

How to get rid of forehead acne

Acne can actually appear in many places on the body. The face is the most common area, with cheeks, chin and neck areas being the most common victims. Forehead acne is less common, but can be just as difficult to deal with as anywhere else.

Your forehead is also such a prominent part of your face that you’re much more likely to be extremely aware of it. The more conscious of it you are the more you can end up stressing out over it and that just makes things worse.


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However, with the right combination of prevention and treatment you can increase your chances in the battle against outbreaks. And that is exactly what you’ll find on this page.

With our 10 prevention tips you’ll make sure that you significantly reduce the chances of an outbreak.

But when they do happen you need to be armed with the right treatment products. And you’ll learn exactly which ones work best specifically for treating forehead acne in a safe and effective way.

Here is what we will cover for you to increase your chances of beating forehead acne:

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9 Potential Causes of Forehead Acne

Following are the causes behind the troublesome pimples on your forehead. Study and find out which factor is actually responsible in your case.

  1. Substandard Cosmetic Products

You will experience zits and pimples on your forehead if the cosmetic products you use do not suit you. There are certain chemical ingredients that can irritate your skin or drift off your hair to unclog your pores. When your pores become clogged you are highly susceptible to develop acne and papules on your forehead.

“This doesn’t mean you don’t need to use your favorite hairstyling products,” says Dr. Rachel Nazarian of Schweiger Dermatology Group. “Just make sure to wash your hair thoroughly in the shower, especially before bedtime to prevent those ingredients from clogging your pores.”

Cosmetic products contain wide range of preservatives that are harmful for your acne prone skin. Top of this list is paraben that has its own side effects and many of you might be unknowingly allergic to it.

So the key is to actually consider products that contain less preservatives including paraben and are suitable for your skin type.

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2. Dandruff and Oily Scalp

Dandruff is the most common cause of forehead blemishes. The white flakes slid off hair reaching your face and clogging specifically the forehead. Since, dandruff is caused by fungi it can also irritate your skin leading to pimples.

The same happens when your oily scalp leave traces of oil on your forehead skin. This oil builds up in your pores giving you break outs.

3. Digestive Problems

The digestive system along with the liver helps in removing toxins and absorbing nutrients in the body. Gastrointestinal problems including constipation, abdominal bloating and flatulence are highly linked with acne.

Since, these conditions are caused by improper liver and digestive system functioning it means that toxins are not being flushed out by your body and they are promoting bacteria growth leading to acne.

4. Stress

When you are stressed your body produces a hormone called androgen to combat your depression. Androgen is known to trigger the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum.

This sebum can cause excessive oiliness on your face resulting in oil and sebum buildup in the upper layer of your skin. When your pores are clogged you ultimately get break outs.

5. You don’t Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation home remedy for forehead acneExfoliation should be the most important part of your everyday skin care routine as it discards all the dead cells trapped inside your skin. Many people hold the perspective that exfoliation is necessary only in the cold and dry weather but this is not the case.

Exfoliation is required in summers too. Cell regeneration and cell growth are not confined to specific seasons or months of the year. That is why you need to get rid of all the dead skin cells. These cells block your pores and lead to acne.

“Between repeated applications of sunscreen, makeup, and sweat, it’s essential to exfoliate your skin to make sure you’re getting everything off your face at the end of the day — or dirt and grime gets trapped in your pores,” says Dr. Francesca Fusco, CLEAR dermatologist.

6. Puberty and Hormonal Fluctuations

Variations in hormone levels increase the sebum production clogging your pores. This leads to the formation of pimples. Forehead is more prone to break outs at the early stages of puberty. Besides this hormonal imbalance can also be caused by some birth control pills that stimulate the acne flare ups on your forehead.

“Some birth control pills may trigger a flare of forehead acne, but even the natural hormonal fluctuations that come with age can cause a new round of acne, both in women and in men. Although frustrating, speak to your dermatologist if you feel like that’s what’s causing your new breakouts. There are topical and oral medications that can help treat this type of acne,” says Dr. Nazarian.

7. Overexposure to Sun

best sunscreen for acne prone skinOverexposure to sun can cause acne as the heat from the sun produces more oil on your skin that can cause inflammation. This blocks your pores making your skin greasy and gives you blemishes on forehead. Even if you use a sun screen make sure it is non-comedogenic otherwise it also contributes in making your skin oily.

8. Poor Hygiene

If your routine does not include proper hygienic conditions you suffer from acne. Wearing over the head headphones, using same hat or cap over and over again without washing it and not changing your pillowcases twice every week will lead to zits and pimples.

Firstly, the oil accumulates as you sweat all day covering your head. Secondly, the bacteria invasion becomes easier if your pillowcases are not clean enough as your face is in contact with it for hours.

9. Picking Pimples

Although it is hard to resist popping pimples it is the major cause of spread of bacteria on your skin. This ends in acne spreading out all over.

Best Treatment for Forehead Acne

1. Misumi AHA 10% Skin Perfecting Cleanser

Coming in at first place is Misumi’s Skin Perfecting Cleanser. This crystal-blue, ultra-refreshing cleanser is a mean, acne-clearing machine. Glycolic Acid, the key active ingredient, penetrates deeply into the skin to unclog pores and remove impurities and excess oil from your skin. The formula especially targets T-zones, the oiliest part of the face, and helps to calm redness and irritation.

In addition to Glycolic Acid, this nourishing formula also incorporates soothing ingredients from nature including Chamomile, Lemon Oil, Grapefruit, Seaweed Extract, Rosehip Oil, and Japanese Plum. What better ingredients to put on your skin – and that’s right, they all have great acne-fighting properties.

Best for: all skin types


  • Removes sweat, excess oil, dirt, and impurities
  • Unclogs and shrinks pores
  • Reduces redness and irritation
  • Glycolic Acid is one of the most effective exfoliating ingredients
  • Chamomile helps to heal and soothe the skin.
  • Seaweed Extract helps to treat acne, replenish the skin’s moisture and fight lines and wrinkles
  • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, Rosehip Oil has wonderful acne healing properties
  • Glycerin acts as a protective barrier, shielding the skin from irritation and impurities
  • Lemon’s acidity helps to reduce the overproduction of oil on the skin
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Misumi doesn’t currently offer a complete acne kit. You have to buy their products separately.

Pro Tip
For the best treatment, pair the Skin Perfecting Cleanser with Misumi’s Pore Purifying Toner. The two work so well together to banish T-zone breakouts. The toner helps to tighten pores, control oily skin, and prevent severe acne scarring. It’s also super refreshing and soothing with herbal and citrus ingredients.

2. Exposed Skin Care Expanded Acne Treatment Kit

Exposed Skin Care Acne Kit is the complete solution for your blemishes. This Kit includes a facial cleanser, acne treatment serum, clearing tonic, clear pore serum and facial moisturizer. The combined power of these products clears your acne faster, revealing a brighter skin free from acne scars.

Best For: Normal Skin.


  • The facial cleanser is a rich but gentle formula that is brewed with Salicylic Acid to stimulate the removal of dead skin cells clogging your pores.
  • Facial cleanser includes sage extract and pro-Vitamin B5 that help in clearing your skin and maintain the lipid layer on the skin surface to prevent dryness.
  • The acne treatment serum is specifically designed for reducing acne.This serum helps in combating the acne-causing bacteria due to presence of Benzoyl Peroxide.
  • The tea tree oil and green tea extracts are considered to be the herbal medicines for curing acne that are present in this serum. They provide anti-microbial and skin healing properties as they are anti-oxidants preventing future blemishes and whiteheads.
  • Skin Clearing Tonic targets your pores to eliminate blackheads and whiteheads using Azelaic Acid and prepares your skin for Acne treatment serum.
  • The clearing tonic also contains Aloe, green tea and passion flower extracts that return the moisture-complex to your skin.
  • Clear Pore Serum holds a light consistency and is easy to apply. It is designed with Salicylic Acid to rebalance your pores.
  • Facial moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and is an oil-free formula to prevent blemishes.
  • Natural extracts present such as pumpkin seed and caffeine promotes cell growth and reduces inflammation.
  • All the products in this kit are sulfate and paraben-free.


  • The presence of alcohol in the cleanser might make your face over dry and cause irritation.
  • The moisture complex might make your skin greasy resulting in further break outs. Do not apply the moisture complex if you your skin already feels moisturized.
  • Some of the products contain fragrance which might be abrasive for you if you have sensitive skin.
  • Very dry skin might face flakiness and the facial moisturizer might not be enough for you producing no result at all.

3. Keeva Organics Tea Tree Oil Acne Treatment Cream

Keeva Organics uses the natural ingredient tea tree oil for curing acne because it was the Chinese secret of treating acne and fighting blemishes. The power of these ingredients causes you to detoxify your skin by shrinking your pores and improving your skin tone alongside preventing future blemishes.

Best For: Normal Skin


  • The tea tree oil disinfects your pores from sebum and dead skin cells drying out all the zits, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.
  • It consists of Salicylic Acid that stimulates shedding of dead cells to clear pores and boost the cell growth to give you an acne scar-free skin.
  • This formula does not contain Benzoyl Peroxide as some of you might be allergic to it and it has a drying effect.
  • Stearic Acid and Squalene both work as emollient and protect your skin from water loss and keep it hydrated.
  • The presence of menthol provides anti-inflammatory and cooling effect to your acne irritated skin.
  • This formula is rich in anti-oxidants and essential oils that help with skin whitening and hyperpigmentation.
  • It does not contain alcohol and paraben.


  • Since this cream contains multiple essential oils and hydrating agents it can cause oiliness on your skin resulting in blemishes.
  • This formula is based on natural ingredients and so it has a pungent smell.
  • There are herbal ingredients in this cream that might cause you itchiness such as the grapefruit seed extract.

4. ClearPores Acne Solution System and Skin Cleanser

ClearPores Acne solution System and Skin Cleanser is a three-step formula that includes herbal supplement, facial wash and facial protection Cream. What is so special about this Acne System is that it includes herbal supplements that balance the internal condition of your body such as digestive and liver functioning.

Best For: Normal and Oily Skin


  • This acne solution system contains herbal supplement that helps in efficient hormone regulation and aids in flushing out toxins from your body.
  • The facial wash comprises of Glycerin that provides relief from oiliness and maintains skin hydration providing the optimal conditions for preventing acne.
  • The inclusion of Salicylic Acid penetrates your pores discarding the oil and dead skin cells from root. This stimulates the cell turnover process unveiling a clearer skin.
  • The facial wash is fused with anti-oxidants such as the Seed extract and Meadowsweet Root extract that neutralize the effect of other chemicals used in this formula that can cause dryness.
  • The oil-free moisturizing formula is designed with alpha hydroxy acids that fill moisture in the newly exfoliated skin to prevent dry, flaky and irritated skin.


  • This formula contains alcohol and might cause irritation and rash if you have sensitive skin.
  • It contains paraben in abundance and might cause you an allergic effect.

Are There Other Bumps on Forehead That Are Not Pimples?

Yes, there are other bumps on forehead that are not pimples. Theses bumps can be a result a clogged pores or they might be the Rosacea bumps that you often confuse with acne.

If you have tiny colorless bumps on your forehead that actually look like a bumpy texture then it depicts that you have clogged pores. Clogged pores usually occur due to oil, sebum and dirt build up inside your pores. Also when dead cells are not shed due to lack of exfoliation or cleansing they accumulate inside your pores blocking them. In dermatological terms, we label these as comedones (comedo, singular).

Comedones can be both open and close. Open comedones are blackheads and the close comedones are whiteheads. Specifically talking about close comedones, they are covered with a skin layer and are colorless bumps in appearance. And that is why you find it difficult to distinguish between zits and comedones.

The treatment of clogged pores includes a very simple skin care routine that involves double cleansing. Double Cleansing, as the name suggests is a two-step phenomenon that requires cleansing skin twice. You need to twice your efforts to achieve double results.

According to Dr. Rabia Malik, Cosmetic doctor and general practitioner, “If you wear foundation and make-up, especially if it is long lasting or daily sunscreen I always recommend double cleansing because these products are often difficult to remove.

The first wash lifts away surface cosmetics and the second wash then allows your cleanser to reach the skin’s surface to clean pores and treat blemishes as well as remove any make up residue and dead skin cells.”

Rosacea is a benign inflammatory skin disease which leads to small red bumps that sometimes contain pus. Rosacea usually affects the central region of the face mainly the forehead, cheeks and chin. Different topical medications are present for the treatment of Rosacea. Metronidazole and Azelaic Acid are considered as the effective medicines for Rosacea.

Besides topical medications, over-the-counter sensitive skin cleansers also provide relief from rosacea symptoms. Cleansers that are Sulphur-based or contain Benzoyl Peroxide are recommended. Avoid excessive rubbing or scrubbing of the face.

Home Remedies for Forehead Acne

No matter how much medical and skin care technology advances nothing beats the home remedies that are formulated using natural ingredients. Although home remedies take a little more time in producing results they hardly have any side effects. Some forehead acne home remedies are enumerated below:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Recommended buy: Braggs raw organic apple cider vinegar for acne treatment.Apple Cider Vinegar acts as an astringent for acne and helps in balancing the skin’s pH level. When skin pH is controlled the oil-production on your skin is automatically balanced. This helps you get rid of your acne. Besides, apple cider vinegar is a home ingredient and is easily available.

You will need apple cider vinegar and Cotton Swabs for this home remedy. Gently cleanse your forehead skin and pat dry. Immerse the cotton swab into apple cider vinegar and apply only on the pimples. Wait until it dries. Rinse after 20-30 minutes and there is no harm if you do not rinse it. Since, you are applying a minute amount only on the affected areas it would not cause you any irritation.

2. Lemon Juice for Forehead Pimples

Lemon juice remedy is the most common and handy remedy that cures acne. The acidic nature of lemon eliminates bacteria that clog your pores and it also neutralizes your sebum-production due to its cleansing properties.

Clean the affected area and dab few drops of lemon on it. Leave it overnight for best results. Use daily at day time and before going to bed until you completely clear up. When applying at day time make sure you do not step out in sun as lemon juice causes photosensitivity and might make you break out even more.

3. Clay Mask with Tea Tree Oil/Lavender Oil

The clay powder is a natural astringent and holds great tendency of absorbing the oil on your skin. Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that help you combat the acne causing bacteria.

The ingredients you will need for this remedy include one teaspoon of cosmetic clay powder, 1-2 drops of Lavender or Tea Tree Oil and Rose Water. Add all the ingredients and mix them until they form a paste consistency. Spread a thin layer of this mixture on your forehead and allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water. Repeat this remedy every day until you finally get rid of your pimples.

4. Tomato Mask for Forehead Acne

Tomatoes are rich in anti-oxidants and dry out your blemishes alongside healing your scars. The natural acids in tomatoes dry out pimples killing the bacteria. Tomato also helps in minimizing your pores. If you apply tomato on your face you will experience a tight contracting feeling that occurs as it clears your pores leaving your skin soft and supple.

This remedy requires a small tomato. Slice the tomato and gently rub the pulp on your forehead. Let this pulp dry and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly afterwards. This remedy can be carried out twice a day but if it dries your skin use only once a day.

There are also ready made masks for acne available in the market that utilize this skin friendly nature of tomatoes, like the one shown on the right.

5. Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is long known for its anti-microbial and skin soothing properties. The Aloe Vera gel tightens pores reducing you chances of getting acne. You need to extract the gel from fresh aloe vera. Extract it from aloe leaf or you can even buy organic aloe vera gel from a super market. Apply this gel on your blemishes.

Make sure you use a cloth as aloe vera is slippery and would not spread or settle on skin if applied with fingers. Then leave the gel to dry overnight so that you may achieve great results. Carry out this remedy every night and also at day time if you are indoors. Aloe vera gel will quickly banish all your pimples.

6. Mustard Powder with Honey for Forehead Acne

Mustard is rich in anti-oxidants such as Vitamin A, C and E and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids all of which are essential for your skin. They leave your skin clear and glowing. Honey, on the other hand, maintains the skin’s moisture level and acts as a healing agent.

Take one-fourth teaspoon of mustard powder and add a drop or two of honey and blend them well. Dab it on your forehead zits and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water. Apply this mixture every day. Try using freshly grounded mustard instead of using bottled mustard for more effective results.

7. Coriander Juice for Forehead Pimples

Coriander juice acts as a skin lightening agent and clears you acne scars. Extract the juice of coriander leaves and mix it with a little turmeric powder or mint juice. Apply this solution on the forehead acne overnight and wash it in the morning.

The turmeric powder is believed to be an anti-biotic and possess anti-microbial properties whereas the mint juice acts as an anti-oxidant and soothes your skin. This simple home remedy clears your acne instantly.

8. Eggs for Forehead Acne

Egg white comprises of proteins and that is why it contains enzymes that dry out any zits. It also boosts the collagen-elastin production which promotes cell growth that gives you a blemish-free youthful skin.

Crack the egg shell and empty contents. Swipe a clean finger inside the shell and extract all the traces of egg white present. Simply dab it onto your acne bumps and let it dry for 1-0 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water. This remedy can be carried out twice a day and the good part being that you don’t need to spare the whole egg instead if you are using it while cooking you can separate the contents and use the traces left on the shell.

The bad part is that you need to bear slight egg odor but it is really worth it.

9. Green Tea Extract

Green Tea holds incredible benefits as it is loaded with anti-oxidants and contains polyphenols that are flavonoids that act as powerful anti-oxidants. In addition to that, green tea extract is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial that fights acne by reducing the swelling caused by bacterial infection in pores.

The application is simple, you need to apply a drop or two of this extract on your pimples and leave it on. This can be repeated twice a day for maximum results.

10. Witch Hazel Toner

Witch Hazel is an important herbal extract when it comes to treating acne. The astringent properties of witch hazel cleanse your skin from dead cells and buildup of bacteria that helps in reducing acne. Since, it is also an anti-oxidant it permits more oxygen in your pores to increase the healing process. The anti-inflammatory property reduces swelling that occurs from bumps.

Take 1oz of Witch hazel and mix three drops of tea tree and three drops of lavender oil. Apply it with a cotton swab on your pimples. There is no need of rinsing it off. Use this daily until you attain a clear forehead.

Forehead Acne Prevention Tips

  1. Exfoliate with a gentle facial cleanser twice a day that suits your skin type. Rinse with Luke warm water and pat dry. Dry with tissue paper instead of a towel. Avoid rubbing your face as it might irritate your acne.
  2. Wash your hair often especially if you have oily scalp. The oil on your scalp causes itching on your face and it is quite easy for scalp oil to reach forehead resulting in acne.
  3. If you have dandruff, use an anti-dandruff shampoo once a week. Try small amount of lemon juice on your scalp for dandruff and wash it after 15-20 minutes. This will remove dandruff and there won’t be any white flakes clogging your pores to cause pimples on forehead.
  4. Use suitable hair styling products. If you are experiencing acne more often after the use of hair styling products go for gels that use organic and herbal ingredients.
  5. Use non-comedogenic cosmetic products i.e. which don not make your skin greasy and check for the contents. Do not choose a product that contains alcohol as it can irritate skin.
  6. If you wear caps, helmets or hijab make sure you remove them every hour so that your skin can breathe and sebum production is minimized because when you sweat profusely there are great chances of you developing acne. Besides this also wash your hair from time to time as per requirement.
  7. Make sure you are taking a proper balanced diet so that your liver and digestive system works efficiently. Avoid too much sugary and oily food. Drink as much water as you can to flush out toxins.
  8. Go out of the way to relieve stress. The best way is to schedule a work out or exercise plan that helps you keep fit and release your stress.
  9. Do not touch you face as whenever you do so you diffuse bacteria into your pores. Avoid it especially if you have long nails.
  10. Maintain proper hygiene. Change your pillowcase and towels twice a week. Clean your headphones and helmets with a wipe tissue.

Ready to Get Rid of Your Forehead Acne?

How does your forehead acne look like? What treatments have you tried for it? Are you going to try the methods I’ve shared in this post? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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